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Once size doesn’t fit all. Check out our various door products based on the design style of your choice whether its Contemporary, Traditional or even Industrial!

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Mitered Cabinet Doors
Shaker Cabinet Doors

contemporary doors

Contemporary styling includes bright, futuristic colors, neutrals, or crisp black and whites. Monochromatic colors are often seen. Typically, this artsy style also features geometric shapes, lines, and open spaces. The contemporary look is both classy and classic, without being plain or boring.

Valencia Cabinet Door Style

Emerson 3/4″ (109)

Emerson Cabinet Door Style

Valencia 3/4″ (81)


DRS131 Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

DRS131 3/4″ (131)


DBQ816 Cabinet Door Style

DBQ 3/4″ (816)


gallery examples

country doors

Country is a warm and embracing style that makes guests feel right at home. Whether it’s the handsome flourishes of Country French, the rustic beauty of English Country, or the casual down-home cheeriness of American Country, this is a style that always makes guests feel loved and welcome. This style, which is also sometimes referred to as Country Cottage or Country Chic, should echo the casual comfort of a farm. Charming accents, such as turn legs, patterned fabrics, decorative moldings, and forged metals, abound in a country kitchen.

Pinnacle 3/4" (378) Cabinet Door

Pinnacle 3/4″ (378)

Highpointe 3/4" (379) Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

Highpointe 3/4″ (379)

AMV807 3/4" (807) Cabinet Door Style Santa Clarita

AMV807 3/4″ (807)


AMS813 3/4" (813) Cabinet Door Style

AMS813 3/4″ (813)

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craftsman doors

The hallmarks of the Craftsman style are beautiful clean lines and crisp right angles. Quarter Sawn Oak and Cherry woods are often used. The term Craftsman is sometimes used interchangeably with the Arts & Crafts, Bungalow, Stickley Furniture or Frank Lloyd Wright styles. To achieve the Craftsman look, choose a door style that is simple and uncomplicated with straight, clean lines.

Valencia 3/4" (81) Cabinet Door

Valencia 3/4″ (81)

Terracina 3/4" (390) Kitchen Cabinet Door Santa Clarita

Terracina 3/4″ (390)

Redondo 3/4" (409) Kitchen Doors

Redondo 3/4″ (409)

Auburn 3/4" (832) Cabinet Door Style

Auburn 3/4″ (832)

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traditional doors

Influenced by the English, Traditional is a tried and true classic style that has changed little over the decades. This warm and inviting look is never trendy and often incorporates ornate details such as fringes, tassels, rich fabrics, and floral patterns. A Traditional home will typically be filled with many elegant touches, including gilt-framed oil paintings, lush flower arrangements, and beautiful crystal chandeliers. This is a welcoming and familiar style that remains popular to this day.

Brunswick 7/8" (597) Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

Brunswick 7/8″ (597)

Revere 3/4" (800) Kitchen Cabinet Door Santa Clarita

Revere 3/4″ (800)

Lincoln 3/4" (802) Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

Lincoln 3/4″ (802)

Liberty 3/4" (810) Kitchen Door Style

Liberty 3/4″ (810)

gallery examples

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